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The Soap Haven’s mission: Natural and Organic Soap to Save Your Skin!

My daughter has extremely dry skin on her legs. They looked like scales or caked dry mud. Besides flaking and itching, they would occasionally bleed. We tried everything including the usual Cetaphil and QV cleanser and cream recommendations from doctors and friends. Nothing helped. Then several years ago, while on holiday in New Zealand, we encountered handmade soap! We spent 3 days at a farmstay where guests were pampered with locally handmade soap. Our skin was so much better even in the cold, dry winter climate!

liquid soap with Parabens SLS chemicals

Up to 90% of commercial liquid soaps and shampoos contain harmful chemicals to our hormonal system

Alas, upon returning to Singapore, we could only settle for the usual commercial detergents, yes I’ll say that again – detergents – those bottles masquerading as body wash and facial cleansers on our store shelves are big bad chemical wolves disguised in misleading advertising.

Finally in 2013, we got to know a Singaporean lady who had been working in Nepal and India for several years. Her social enterprise rescues trafficked women and provides them employment through handcrafting natural soap and candles. I have rather bad complexion that is hard to manage with a very oily forehead and very dry T-zone. Anyway, I started using  their soap as a face and body wash without telling anyone – not even my wife, it was my secret little experiment! After just 3 days, I was sitting at the dining table when my wife remarked, “your face looks much better, what did you do? It’s glowing!” That set me on a journey to learn a whole lot more about commercial cleansers vs handmade natural soaps. The discoveries were shocking and eye-opening! We now help to market their products and raise awareness for the cause of rescuing trafficked women and helping them to be sustainably employed through PremaTouch all natural coconut oil soap and essential oils (Go to www.prematouch.com to know more about the mission and how you can help save lives! Or simply buy their natural soap and essential oils to save your skin too!)

Having learnt the truth, and tested it successfully on my own family, we started The Soap Haven with two missions, firstly to bring awareness of the massive misinformation perpetuated by the commercial skincare industry by providing you with real information about skincare. Secondly, armed with the truth about what is good and bad for our skin, we set out to source as well as create natural or organic soap and skincare products that will cleanse and care for your skin while nourishing and rejuvenating it naturally.

Mission 1: Fighting Eczema

Having found out that 21% of Singaporeans, mostly children, suffer from eczema, our first goal was to provide an effective natural treatment for eczema. That’s how we came to create our signature #1 best selling Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap. Our first batch was tested on a family friend who came back shocked that her eczema was reduced by 80% after less than a week of switching from Cetaphil! It was the closest thing to an eczema cure!

My family and I have since switched completely from commercial chemical cleansers to natural handmade soap. Our current favourite for my daughter’s extemely dry skin is the Himalayan Salt Soap with Shea Butter. For years she had to coat her herself with cream or lotion to no avail. But since using this soap, her skin is much better and she doesn’t even need to use lotion most days!

All our products are free from SLS, parabens, petroleum by-products and other harmful ingredients.

We invite you to discover the facts, go natural and experience the difference for yourself!

The Soap Haven’s natural skincare products for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne & other sensitive skin issues are available at our Online Store.

Join us in the mission to Save Your Skin!

Jason & Family

The Soap Haven – a brand name of Super Havens LLP, registered in Singapore.

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