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The Soap Haven – Save Your Skin! 

In 2015, my wife was working with a needle and accidentally pierced her thumb pretty deeply. There was not much bleeding and there was no pain, so she left it alone. A few weeks later, she started developing Eczema(she didn’t know it was Eczema/contact dermatitis), but only on that thumb.  Because she didn’t know it was eczema, she thought it was bacterial infection and tried treating it herself with home made remedies and essential oils. She never thought of using our #1 Best Seller Oatmeal Honey (Goat Milk) soap.

After 2 relapses with weeping bubbles and bleeding on the thumb, she decided to get a diagnosis from the doctor. The doctor didn’t say it was eczema and could not give a diagnosis of the symptoms on the thumb and simply gave her some steroidal cream(Combiderm) to help the inflammation. When she got another relapse/flare up, on advice of a relative whose son has eczema, she was recommended to another doctor, who also was again unable to give a proper diagnosis of the symptoms and just resorted to giving her another kind of steroidal cream (Neoderm). After using it for 2 days, it didn’t help and it started weeping and bleeding again.


Hand Eczema

She did a lot of research online on the condition and realised they were symptoms of eczema. So she decided to discard all steroid creams (both Combiderm and Neoderm) that had not been helpful and use what all our customers rave about that has helped their eczema or their children’s eczema problem – our very own Oatmeal Honey (Goat Milk) Soap. After a few days the thumb got better and after one week (pictures on the left in sequence), the skin was almost totally healed. 

Using Oatmeal Honey (Goat Milk) Soap on both her hands and body has started the healing process from eczema with the added bonus of beautifully moisturised skin.

To prevent flare ups from recurring. she was also careful about exposure to bacteria and avoided washing with any commercial chemical liquid soaps or detergents which dry her skin.  She also coupled washing with moisturising with our Premium healing body balm/lotion bar (unscented) . She applied it as often as needed to moisturise the skin, as well as before touching anything dusty or raw foods (body balm is 100% natural and is non-toxic) or when household cleaning is needed. The balm helped to prevent any flareups and she has been Eczema-free since started using the balm for the past years now!


Save your skin,

Jason | The Soap Haven Singapore

Healed after using The Soap Haven Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap

several days later after using The Soap Haven Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap



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