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Clear skin from within

Acne can be caused by so many different factors, like diet, sleeping habits, hormonal changes, and more.

Whatever the cause, acne can be painful and really affect your confidence. It’s so important for you to feel comfortable in your own skin — let’s break acne down so you have a better understanding of why it occurs and how to treat it.


Let's talk about sebum

Acne is the result of a sebum overproduction in your hair follicles, which causes a bacteria buildup. This leads to clogged pores under your skin with swelling and bumps — also known as acne, white heads, and blackheads.

Sebum is a natural, oily, waxy substance found in the skin. It’s actually a good thing that your body produces to moisturize and protect the skin, but overproduction needs to be managed.

Contributing factors

Acne can be brought on by stress, poor diet, poor sleep, and hormonal changes. Hormonal fluctuations usually happen from puberty to early adulthood, but acne can also hit women in their 40s due to lower estrogen levels. Men generally tend to have oilier skin after puberty due to higher level of androgens (male hormones), and the thickening of skin (more than 30% thicker than female skin). In men, the sebum level also increases to about twice that of women.

ACNE remedy

Thank goodness for salicylic acid.

Over many years, salicylic acid has been a drug issued to deal with acne or red inflamed acne conditions. This acid helps breakdown blackheads and whiteheads and also reduces inflammation and swelling.

It helps exfoliate dead skin cells which clogs pores, bringing about skin renewal. Being oil soluble, it is also better able to penetrate the pores of your skin giving them a deep pore cleansing.

Facial toners for ACNE treatment

A good toner can make a huge difference.

Toners help hydrate and refresh skin, minimize the appearance of pores, and remove residuals missed during cleansing. This is especially important for those who use cosmetic and toners help to cleanse face more thoroughly by penetrating pores.

Toners also prepare the skin to receive the maximum benefit from serums and moisturizers. Peppermint toners are especially great for acne-prone skin and to prevent acne outbreaks.

How to use a facial toner


Use in the morning and night after cleansing with facial soap.


Spray three or more pumps of toner on cotton pad, and apply to your face and neck.


Do not wash off. Wait one minute for toner to dry and apply moisturizer if desired.

Moisturize your face the right way

Knowing how to moisturize your face is crucial.

Moisturizing helps hydrate the skin and prevent aging symptoms from setting in prematurely. Moisturizing should happen a few minutes after cleansing and toning to lock in the moisture under the skin. Anything longer than 10 minutes — especially on dry skin —would be ​much less effective in hydrating the skin.

​Slathering oils on your skin alone might help soothe dry and irritated skin, but they are not meant to be a substitute to ​a moisturizer which acts as a humectant to attract moisture to your skin.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, don’t over wash your face — it could lead to overactive sebum glands and overproduction of sebum, causing more acne. Instead you should be using a moisturizer sparingly after cleansing.

Dry Skin

For dry skin, with oily T-zones, apply more to dry areas and less to oily T-zone areas after cleansing. With age, your face begins to develop fine lines and get dryer. 

Sensitive Skin

If you have highly sensitive skin, use an oil like our Pure Morrocan Argan Oil which has a comedogenic rating of 0 (doesn’t clog pores) to moisturize your face instead.

Acne-fighting heroes

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Our recommended moisturizer.

Our Premium Natural Daily Moisturizing Cream is extremely gentle and does not leave a heavy, sticky feeling, and the ingredients are non-comedogenic (they don’t clog pores)​. The cream is full of premium GMO-free ingredients like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, abyssinian seed oil, and sweet almond oil. With coconut oil as one of the main ingredients, your skin is naturally given a level of SPF protection to block out harmful UV rays.

Most skin cleansers get rid of all bacteria, good and bad alike, leaving the skin with low immunity that’s helpless to battle bad bacteria, which is the cause of many skin issues. However, this cream’s natural preservatives — like radish root ferment filtrate — contain loads of enzymes for your skin health and Lactobacillus, which introduces good bacteria onto your skin.