Babies have sensitive skin.

Using unscented or fragrance-free products are best for their skin and health.

Did you Know?

In commercial skin care products, any ingredient listed as “fragrance” means it can be any undisclosed chemical. When a list of ingredients is not disclosed individually, a manufacturer can choose to list as “fragrance”. This can lead to the use of chemicals and parabens that can be potentially harmful to the body.

At The Soap Haven we list all our ingredients so the consumer know what they are buying. Absolutely NO PARABENS and No SLS (Sulphates or sulfates).

The natural soap selection below is recommended for babies and adults with sensitive skin.

  • Goat’s Milk is well known for it’s skin care properties and it’s no surprise that Our Goat Milk soap is the No. 1 best seller. (To know more about the benefits of Goat’s Milk read more at
  • For oily skin we recommend PremaTouch Soap as the main ingredient is coconut oil which produces the most lather for cleansing oil away.
  • For a simple moisturising bar try our unique Castile Soap that’s made from only Olive Oil and Goat Milk.
  • For irritated skin, try soothing Aloe & Calendula.

All bars below are UNSCENTED and perfectly suitable for BABIES and INFANTS who have sensitive skin!


Oatmeal & Honey goat milk soap unscented fragrance free for eczema

The Soap Haven #1 BEST SELLER – Oatmeal & Honey Goat’s Milk Soap (unscented)


Milk & Honey Goat Milk Soap unscented fragrance free

The Soap Haven Goat’s Milk & Honey (unscented)


Prema Touch Unscented Coconut Oil Soap

Prema Touch Simply Natural Soap (unscented)


Castile Soap Olive Oil Goat Milk

100% Castile Olive Oil with Goat Milk Soap and Shampoo Bar HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Adult Hair Loss Control!

Organic Aloe Calendula natural handmade soap bar (GMO-Free)

Olive Oil Based Organic Aloe Calendula with organic Aloe concentrate. Great for Itchy and sensitive/dry skin.

Staff Pick of the month (June 2015):
“I totally enjoy using the soaps at The Soap Haven, because they do not cause any tightness or dryness but in fact are highly moisturising to theskin. Plus I know it’s all natural and paraben-free which is good for my health.

My pick for this month is ORGANIC ALOE CALENDULA! It is Olive Oil Based and my skin takes so well to Olive Oil. Recently I had very dry itchyskin on my legs probably due to the hot weather and this ALOE CALENDULA really worked wonders for me! Showering with it removed all itchiness and my legs actually feel so soft and moisturised after showering! Each bar is loaded with GMO-Free Oils & Organic Aloe concentrate for maximum soothing of dry and itchy skin!

Plus it also has a natural scent from the Calendula flowers that smells like baby powder. Love it! I would highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive and dry skin. Try it I believe you won’t be disappointed.”
– Kate