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Anti-aging Skin Care | Reduce Wrinkles for Glowing Skin

Try our Whole Range of Soaps FOR MATURE, DULL SKIN ranging from Prema Touch Vegan Coconut Oil soaps, Organic Non-GMO Soaps, Castile Olive Oil soap and Goat’s Milk Soaps!

Himalayan Salt & Sea Salt Soap with Shea butter for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dandruff control

Himalayan Salt + Sea Salt + Shea Butter in an Olive Oil base for wonderful cleansing and moisturised glowing skin.


Rose & Lavender Goat Milk Soap - All Natural

Rose Essential Oil is Anti-aging known to be good for mature skin. Double booster with Lavender too!


Castile Olive Oil with Goat Mik - All Natural

Castile soap is made from olive oil and suitable for very sensitive skin as it contains NO essential oils. This unique soap is made from non-GMO olive oil with the added skin nourishing goodness of goat milk.


All Natural Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap

Lemongrass is known for stimulating and revitalizing dull mature skin!


Prema Touch Honey Soap

Prema Touch Coconut Oil Soap with naturally anti-septic and anti-aging Honey!


Organic Chocolate cinnamon (Non-GMO) Soap

Organic Dark Chocolate helps prevent sunburn & firms up skin or wrinkles!


All Natual White Rose Vegan Soap(Prema Touch)

Prema Touch Coconut Oil Soap with exquisite Rose essential oil that’s known to have anti-aging properties.

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