Scent Chart by The Soap Haven to Help You Choose by Scent! Click on Soap to see more details!

GM – Goat’s Milk;  PT – PremaTouch; Org – Organic(GMO-free); F – Skin-safe Natural fragrance added

Floral Floral Rose & Lavender (GM)
Soft Floral Lavender (GM)Lavender & Oats(GM)

Lavender (PT)

White Rose (PT)

Floral Oriental Geranium & Calendula (PT)

Chamomile Neroli (Org)

Oriental Soft Oriental
Woody Oriental Chocolate Cinnamon(Org)
Medicinal Minty Antiseptic Eucalyptus Tea Tree (GM)
Antiseptic Tea Tree (PT)
Antiseptic Oatmeal & Tea Tree (PT)
Woody Woods Honey (PT)
Sweet Woods
 Sweet Vanilla Vanilla (PT)
Sweet Coconut Coconut (GM)
Sweet Nutty   Turmeric Almond (Org)
  Fresh Sweet Minty Double Mint (GM)


Bergamot Cassia (Org)

Bergamot (PT)

Sweet Citrus
Sweet FruitySweet Melon

Sweet Berry


Herbal Green

Woody Green

Acai Papaya (F) and Honeymelon Aloe (F)

BlackRaspberry Vanilla (GM)


Skin So Clear (GM)

Green Tea (GM)
Aromatic Sweet Baby Powder Cranberry Fig (F)
Unscented   Milk & Honey (GM)

Oatmeal & Honey (GM)

Simply Natural (PT)

Oats & Honey (PT)

Castile Olive Oil with Goat Milk

Premium Himalayan Salt Soap

Premium Organic Activated Charcoal (Org)

Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey (Org)