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pet care

Bars for man’s best friend

Our pets deserve premium soaps too.

Although their skin is protected by fur, dogs and cats can still develop skin issues — many suffer from painful eczema or sores from allergies. And, even if they don’t, you can still show your pet some well-deserved love by treating them to a bath with one of our pet-safe bars.

For our furry friends

We know you want to give your pet the best, so here’s our selected range of soaps that double as pet shampoo.

This soap has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and antioxidant properties as well as being an extremely gentle and moisturizing cleanser and exfoliator. Honey is another great natural moisturizer that soothes skin with its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory power. It also keeps coats soft and shiny.

All natural goat milk soap with anti-itch properties — it also keeps fur fluffy and soft. Classic lavender is combined with the goodness of oats for a soothing and nourishing scrub your pet’s skin will love. Great for dogs and cats itchy skin, this bar calms rashes and helps soothe inflamed skin.

This anti-septic, anti-fungal soap is a great choice for pets who have sores from scratching. It keeps wounds clean and helps prevent infections that might occur. The lemongrass scent deodorizes and is also a powerful natural insect repellent, keeping mosquitos and ticks away.