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Castile Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap & Shampoo Bar (Unscented for Babies, Sensitive skin) (Popular!)


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  • With only 2 amazing ingredients, GMO-free olive oil and goat milk this bar is great for babies as a top-to-toe bar or for anyone with sensitive skin!
  • Can also be used as a gentle facial cleanser leaving face highly moisturised after use. Brings great balance to those with dry/combination skin on face.
  • Olive oil soap has low lather. For more bubbly lather, we recommended using this with a bamboo charcoal soap saver bag.

Customer Review:” It’s a very gentle cleanser plus moisturises my face after wash. Need not apply anymore moisturiser on my face.” – Irene

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What is Castile Soap?

“Castile Soap” is a term originally used to refer to soap bars made with olive oil from the Castile region in Spain.  These days, many companies throw “Castile” around to market their soap, but with only a small amount of olive oil!

Why? Because olive oil is expensive!

Nowadays, the term Castile Soap is used loosely. Even well-known brands that market their soap as Castile are not truly olive oil-based soap. For example, Dr Bronner’s is probably the most well-known soap that markets itself as “castile”. However all you have to do is look at the ingredients to see that it is primarily made from coconut oil and palm oil. It is therefore not a true Castile Soap that should be made from olive oil!

Castile soap is traditionally made from 100% Olive Oil base which gives the soap a slippery mild feel to the bar with little or no lather. However olive oil soap bars can be very soft to handle and are mushy if not placed on a proper soap dish. They will dissolve and melt, wasting away all the natural goodness.

This Castile Soap bar is different. It is made from non-GMO olive oil main ingredient with no additional cheaper oils used as filler. We have taken a step to improve this Castile bar by adding only 1 other quality ingredient that’s great for skin – goat milk, for a harder, more luxurious bar.

Just 2 ingredients – olive oil and goat milk make this a natural soap that’s suitable for babies or the most sensitive skin.

Goat’s milk provides extra skin nourishment and also leaves hair soft and manageable plus acts like a conditioner to protect your hair. It also keeps your scalp healthy by preventing dryness and helps with dandruff problems.

For First-time users of Castile Soap

For first time users of castile soap bar, you will need to get used to the little lather that it produces, as there is no coconut oil or any chemical that produces the lather.

Taking care of your Castile Soap bar

You would need to keep it really dry on a soap dish that drains well or in a soap saver bag. This will help to preserve the natural goodness of the bar longer. As Castile Olive oil Bar gets soft much faster and more easily than soaps with coconut oil and other kinds of oils (Olive oil takes a much longer time to cure and dry out than our other soaps) they do need to get dry. If you have a tiny weeny bit of soap left, you can smoosh it onto the new bar and the new bar will help you to have a good grip on your soap.


Saponified GMO-free Olive Oil and Goat Milk.

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Weight 110 g

3 reviews for Castile Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap & Shampoo Bar (Unscented for Babies, Sensitive skin) (Popular!)

  1. Lucy

    Thank you so, so much! My daughter has chemical allergies and so far the olive oil and goat’s milk soap hasn’t caused a reaction, which is incredible. I panicked when I couldn’t find more online.

    Again, thank you so much. She’s almost 6yrs but has been through hell so far with her skin and it’s a constant battle. Having only two ingredients in this soap is so helpful.

    It’s nice to have a good product AND good contact with their service.

  2. Azy

    I’ve been suffering from eczema ever since the birth of my 3rd baby. It was so bad, i cried many times esp when i had to bathe or wash my hands. M lucky to chance upon this brand of soap n i must say it is my life saviour! I bought the (goat milk) honey oatmeal for my hands n body n the (Castile) olive soap with Goat milk for my hair. My skin has improved n i think my hair has stopped dropping. I think I’m in (Soap) Haven!

  3. Customer

    Wow, after using it for a month, I see more hair on my husband’s previously balding patches.

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