Double Mint Goat Milk Soap (Popular!) (Great for Itchy Skin due to Dryness)


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Miss chewing gum? Try this! Also great for those with asthma and respiratory problems.

  • This is a bestseller for those with itchy skin.
  • Infused with Peppermint & Spearmint essential oils and green swirls of peppermint leaves
  • Awake with double mint for great morning showers!
  • Peppermint and spearmint helps with itchy skin too.
  • Great help for sinus and respiratory relief.

Customers’ Review:

“Both my boys have dry skin especially my last one who is almost a year old. I had tried all types of expensive cream and soap but none worked. After using the soap from soap haven, it has made just a huge difference in their skin! Their skin is much more softer and healthier. I feel so relieved and glad that I purchased those bars of soap. Its not only the children, but both my husband and me and see a significant difference in our skin too. I will definitely continue buying their soaps. Thanks Soap Haven! 🙂  My boys used the ‘goat milk & honey’ soap, my husband used the ‘double mint’ soap and I used the ‘tumeric almond’ soap”. – Shar Mini


In stock (can be backordered)


Ingredients : Saponified organic non-GMO soybean oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk, sustainable palm oil, gluten-free oats, raw honey and sea salt.

Awake your mind and body with this refreshing milky minty bar!

What is it with guys and mint? Of course the ladies love it too, but it seems like the boys and men are just inextricably drawn to mint soap. Maybe it’s because we need extra help to wake our sleepy heads!

All natural Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils combine with fresh goat’s milk for an experience that is invigorating, hydrating and moisturizing.

These double mints work together for a sweet and refreshing sensation. Peppermint is a strong, sharp mint that pierces the senses while Spearmint is sweet and mild.

Try this for a great morning shower! An it is a great anti-bactierial handsoap too!

We would recommend you use this for the body and recommend either Milk & Honey or Skin So Clear for the face.

Soap Tips:

Mint oil helps to cure infections and itchiness and soothes the skin. It can even relieve some of the symptoms of acne. It’s cooling sensation will relieve you of the irritating sensation to scratch, and the anti-inflammatory nature of mint will bring down swelling! Usually mint oil is a basic component of bug repellent products like citronella candles, because the strong aroma is unappealing to most insects.

For more health benefits of mint,



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