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Honeydew Melon with Aloe (with natural fragrance added, GMO-free) (Top-to-toe bar great for kids’ shower!)

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Our DOUBLE-SCENTED GMO-FREE BARS are here! Enjoy 2 different scents in 1 bar today! If you like lovely melon scents to your shower, here’s one that you will enjoy!  Double fragrance, double sweetness. It can also double up as a shampoo bar because it is olive oil and coconut oil based and will help prevent hair loss! Plus organic aloe concentrates added to soothe skin and it includes organic oils as ingredients!

Honeydew melon with Organic Aloe concentrates and moisturising Shea butter. No longer a chore to get your kids to enjoy their shower. With the sweet and fruity scent kids will certainly smile when it’s shower time!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil,  Shea Butter,  Fragrance, Organic Aloe Concentrate, Chromium Oxide.

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” Various studies have been conducted to examine the benefits of the aloe vera plant and it was found out that aloe vera does in fact have several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, cosmetic ailments, hair and scalp problems to many more. ” (

Did you know?

When you say Yes to Organic Palm Oil use in our soaps you are saying NO to HAZE?

Our organic soaps and plant-based olive oil soap use organic “sustainable” palm, for the reasons of deforestation in tropical regions. Palm oil is pretty much necessary to make a harder, stable bar of soap that is appealing to the population majority.
Over the past years, “bio-diesel” (and the need for edible non-hydrogenated oils) has created a huge demand for palm oil. Palm oil is only harvested significantly in tropical (rain forest) regions like in Indonesia and thus the problem. More demand for “palm oil” means more deforestation. And deforestation using burn and slash methods by many farmers who wants to make a quick buck through having land that is fertile and quickly cleared. And you know what happens? HAZE in our air!!!

Using “organic palm oil” means it is a renewable and sustainable resource. Our organic palm will not as likely contribute to the “palm thirsty” industry which ultimately demands more deforestation and is farmed organically thus not polluting the land and OUR AIR!

Say YES to our Plant-based Olive Oil Soaps and Organic Soaps and NO to HAZE today!

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