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With average daily temperatures rising during June, July and August, the mosquito population is also expected to grow. It’s Mozzies breeding season.
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Did you Know?
One of the most common and harmful ingredients used in lip balms/body moisturisers is: PETROLEUM JELLY/Petrochemicals, found at the bottom of oil rigs which can be carcinogenic! Dermatologists and celebrity make-up artists help us take a closer look at what’s in Vaseline and most commercial moisturisers & lip balms, and how petroleum jelly can aggravate acne and other skin problems and more at link here!
Basically Petroleum Jelly is a CHEAP ingredient and cheap way to put into your moisturisers to offer the appearance and immediate feel of hydrated skin. As a mineral oil, it doesn’t actually moisturize, but it does a good job at holding in moisture — if you make sure to thoroughly wash and moisturize your skin before application, that is.
Well, you might not have sensitive skin but you know what, our skin BREATHES through tiny holes on our skin called PORES! Putting petroluem jelly is like putting a piece of plastic over our skin. When pores get covered or clogged with dirt, we can get outbreak of pimples, develop an itch or can even break out in a rash. It’s worse for those with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin, their condition flares up!
Now, The Soap Haven offers All Natural Beeswax Lip Balms free from toxic petroleum chemicals/jelly; made with ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL, BEESWAX, SHEA BUTTER. 100% All NaturalPlus Natural Vitamin E that moisturises.
Our lip balms comes in 4 great flavours – Unscented, Cherry, Strawberry and Chamomile with Jojoba to choose from!
From Now till 31st May 2015, with an online purchase of $30 net or more, you will get an All Natural Chamomile with Jojoba Beeswax Lip Balm(worth $9.90) FREE!  Whilst Stocks Last!
Save Your Skin,