Final Sale of our latest Hot-selling Facial, Acne Soap Bar! Don’t Miss It!

Our ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is new but already a hit with our staff and fans! Premium anti-ageing face, body and also shampoo bar!

Review by a The Soap Haven staff:
“I cannot believe how amazing this top-to-toe bar is! I used it as my face wash and my pimples and acne area at my chin is totally gone and does not break out at all. I highly recommend this bar to anyone who wants to achieve balanced and even skin tone as well as to reduce pore size. This bar is really an ultimate anti-aging blemish-free soap bar.”

Organic Soap with Activated Charcoal has been discontinued, but GOOD NEWS: 
our Organic African Black Soap is here to stay! It is the ultimate upgraded version of the Activated Charcoal Soap!
Great for FACE – Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne and Help Reduce Pore size!
Great for ALL skin types – Oily or Combination Skin

FINAL SALE at $16.90! 
(15% OFF U.P $19.90 
for Limited Period only!)
If you haven’t tried it, don’t miss it!
Premium Organic African Black Soap now available
  • This bar is an upgraded version, with the ultimate combination of 3 of our best-sellers for Acne – Organic Bergamot Cassia, Organic Activated Charcoal(discontinued) and PremaTouch Tea Tree bars all in this 1 wonder bar!
  • See below what each Ingredient in this bar does for you!

The Soap Haven Facial Skincare Tips:

Did you know you will achieve the best results for your skin when you use 2-3 different combination of soaps suitable for your skin? Everyday our skin condition varies depending on what you apply on it or what you expose it to. Sometimes stress levels, the lack of sleep and diet can also affect how our skin looks!

Here are some natural facial skincare tips with The Soap Haven Premium soaps:

You can use this combination of The Soap Haven’s natural handmade soaps for effective best results! Mix and match according to your daily needs.

1) Cleanse Deeply + Moisturise with Premium Activated Charcoal Organic Soap 

(for all skin types esp for oily skin) 
Singapore’s hot and humid weather can lead to acne outbreaks. The activated charcoal in this organic soap bar draws out blackheads/pimples/dirt/bacteria to the surface of skin to help fight acne. Rinse your face with water, lather the soap and rub onto face. Use a cotton pad to for removal of makeup, dirt or bacteria on the surface of your skin. This bar is a deep pore cleanser. Great for body acne.


Premium Organic Activated Charcoal with Testimony of clean clear skin

2) Cleanse + Tone + Moisturise with Organic Bergamot Cassia

(for oily skin or combination skin with oily T-zone)
For acne, pimples or oily skin: Bergamot helps on bad skin days to create even and balanced skin tone & for hyper-pigmentation or scar areas! And it does not dry out the skin no matter how many times you use it! You do not have to use a cotton pad, or facial cotton. This will allow the skin to retain some of the natural emollients in this Organic Bar!

For better results, you can start with a new piece, once essential oils have been used up (When color fades, scent is gone).

On bad skin days or outbreaks due to stress, use Organic Bergamot Cassia for a clear, clean and radiant glow! 

The Soap Haven Bergamot Cassia Promo Qoo10 Singapre

3) Cleanse + Exfoliate + Moisturise with Premium Himalayan Salt Soap

(for dry skin/ combination skin)

For those with dry skin, this bar helps to maintain a moisturised and balanced skin tone. The Himalayan salt and sea salt in the soap act as a very gentle exfoliator and remove dry skin/ dead skin on the surface of skin, while Shea Butter moisturises after the cleansing.

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Buy Himalayan Salt Soap with sea salt and shea butter - Natural Home Remedy for Eczema Treatment, Psoriasis cure, Acne control, Skin renewal, odor control, hair strengthening from The Soap Haven Singapore
Best Seller! Great Everyday Bar from top to toe.

4) Know your skin, Mix and Match for daily needs and in no time you can enjoy GREAT SKIN EVERYDAY! 

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Need relief from Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, or itchy oily scalp or even dandruff? Himalayan Salt Soap wonder bar is here!

Exciting New Happenings at The Soap Haven!
The New WONDER BAR is here!
The Soap Haven HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BAR is the ultimate all-in-one soap bar.
Pink Himalayan Salt is known to contain 84 minerals and trace elements needed for our bodily health and function! What more could you ask for?
SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE $13.90 only !!(limited period only) (U.P $15.90)
all natural handmade Himalayan Salt soap bar for eczema and psoriasis cure
himalayan pink salt bar soap for psoriasis and eczema treatment


From being known to help eczema to psoriasis, acne to asthma, sinus conditions to bronchitis, herpes, athlete’s foot, warts, insect bites, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and more, it is no wonder that Pink Himalayan Salt is the ultimate ingredient for our newly formulated soap bar!
If you have a sensitivity to goat milk or to oats, Himalayan salt soap is the answer!

With 84 minerals and trace elements needed for bodily function this is a great alternative antiseptic soap for those with Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Odor-control & a great shampoo bar for those suffering from itchy, oily scalp, dandruff, hair loss, red patches, seborrheic dermatitis and more.
Our Himalayan Salt Soap Bars contain Pink Himalayan crystal rock salt mined at the foot of the Himalayas. Research has shown that there are specific benefits to each component in the salt:
  • Calcium – soothes and relieves skin cells, is very necessary in strengthening cell membranes and cleansing pores.
  • Magnesium – accelerates metabolism of cells, works as an anti-allergic agent
  • Bromide – heals and relieves disorders, and has relaxing effect as an anti-inflammatory agent, can be used as a natural antibiotic.
  • Sodium Chloride – nourishes and hydrates skin cells and removes toxic waste, improving its permeability.
  • Zinc – natural regulation of cell growth and regeneration. Facilitates cell renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis (renews skin). A great antioxidant this mineral is a free radicals scavenger. It also improves sebo-regulation (anti-acne properties), anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural UV rays blocker.
  • Sulfur – is effective to help relieve symptoms of skin disorders such as psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema.

Want younger and healthier looking skin?

Find out more about what Himalayan Salt Soap does for your skin & hair plus what the wonderful ingredients are in this top-to-toe salt soap bar here!