Keep your family safe and protected from Dengue/Zika in 3 simple steps!

The Soap Haven Tips

to keep you and your family safe & protected from DENGUE/ZIKA!

 The Soap Haven Essential Oil Insect Repellent products

1) Keep Yourself Protected. 

Spray this insect repellent regularly on your bedding (before going to sleep), carpets and also on your skin!

(Do not spray onto eyes or mouth areas.)

This Organic Insect Repellent Spray is made from a special blend of 5 Essential Oils Lemongrass, Peppermint, Geranium, Rosemary and Cedarwood with an Organic Non-Genetically-Modified Soybean oil as its base carrier oil! PERFECT for any sensitive skin that does not take well to chemicals usually found in an insect repellent.
– Perfect for indoor use on bedding and floor mats. Also great on pet bedding!
– Healthy insect repellent, safe for the whole family including children.
– Deet-free (deet is a poisonous pesticide considered to be harmful to human health)
– Can be used as often as you like without harming your health and our environment too!
– no oily feel and also smelling great with a hint of geranium/peppermint-like scent)!
– No usual overpowering scent like citronella or lemongrass
– Contained in Plastic Spray Bottle with no fear of breakages or aerosol pressure in travels.
– A must-have in every household.
2) Keep Your Home Safe!

Burn these essential oils in an incense burners or on drip some drops on your clothes before heading out!


U.P $11.90  (Special $9.90 only for online purchase!):

LEMONGRASS, BERGAMOT, CITRONELLA essential oils contain natural properties to repel insects & mosquitoes. To keep mozzies out of the house, this concentrated oil can be used on aromatherapy burner. No more Deet or chemical based repellant!

Good also aromatherapy use for stress relief and insomnia.

Tips for Pet-owners:

Instead of using poisonous pesticides from pet shops, add several drops of lemongrass to dog shampoo, or rub over fur to help repel fleas and ticks in your pet dog!
3) For EXTRA personal protection, shower with Naturally Insect-repelling Soaps!

Each bar is scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil or Eucalyptus Essential oil which are naturally insect repelling in their properties!

The Soap Haven Lemongrass soap bars

The Soap Haven Singapore Eucalyptus & Tea Tree


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