Final Sale of our latest Hot-selling Facial, Acne Soap Bar! Don’t Miss It!

Our ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is new but already a hit with our staff and fans! Premium anti-ageing face, body and also shampoo bar!

Review by a The Soap Haven staff:
“I cannot believe how amazing this top-to-toe bar is! I used it as my face wash and my pimples and acne area at my chin is totally gone and does not break out at all. I highly recommend this bar to anyone who wants to achieve balanced and even skin tone as well as to reduce pore size. This bar is really an ultimate anti-aging blemish-free soap bar.”

Organic Soap with Activated Charcoal has been discontinued, but GOOD NEWS: 
our Organic African Black Soap is here to stay! It is the ultimate upgraded version of the Activated Charcoal Soap!
Great for FACE – Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne and Help Reduce Pore size!
Great for ALL skin types – Oily or Combination Skin

FINAL SALE at $16.90! 
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Premium Organic African Black Soap now available
  • This bar is an upgraded version, with the ultimate combination of 3 of our best-sellers for Acne – Organic Bergamot Cassia, Organic Activated Charcoal(discontinued) and PremaTouch Tea Tree bars all in this 1 wonder bar!
  • See below what each Ingredient in this bar does for you!

“Sweating” Soap Bars?

Did you know?

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap-making process and whilst commercial manufacturers remove the glycerin for use in their more profitable lotions and creams with lots of chemicals and parabens, our handcrafted soap retains glycerin in each and every bar!

That is why some of you might find our soap bars “sweating” and producing a layer of liquid especially in our very wet and humid weather. Good news! It’s not that the soaps are “spoilt” but it’s simply the natural goodness of our soaps.

As our soap bars produce natural glycerin, glycerin being a humectant i.e. it draws moisture into itself. So when you wash with any of our handcrafted natural soap, there will be a thin layer of glycerin left behind, which will then draw moisture from the air, onto your skin (thus moisturizing your skin). That’s the selling point of our handcrafted natural soaps! You stay moisturised even without using a moisturiser lotion or cream after your shower! 🙂

Soap Tips:

Q: How can I keep my unused soap bars longer?

A: If you have unused all natural soap bars on your shelf and you want to prevent them from “sweating”, simply place them in an air-tight container so that your soaps keep longer! Or more effective still, place them in your wardrobe with a dehumidifier (you can find many in the supermarkets eg. “thirsty hippo”) and you know what, your clothes will also smell better too! 😉