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Our ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is new but already a hit with our staff and fans! Premium anti-ageing face, body and also shampoo bar!

Review by a The Soap Haven staff:
“I cannot believe how amazing this top-to-toe bar is! I used it as my face wash and my pimples and acne area at my chin is totally gone and does not break out at all. I highly recommend this bar to anyone who wants to achieve balanced and even skin tone as well as to reduce pore size. This bar is really an ultimate anti-aging blemish-free soap bar.”

Organic Soap with Activated Charcoal has been discontinued, but GOOD NEWS: 
our Organic African Black Soap is here to stay! It is the ultimate upgraded version of the Activated Charcoal Soap!
Great for FACE – Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne and Help Reduce Pore size!
Great for ALL skin types – Oily or Combination Skin

FINAL SALE at $16.90! 
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Premium Organic African Black Soap now available
  • This bar is an upgraded version, with the ultimate combination of 3 of our best-sellers for Acne – Organic Bergamot Cassia, Organic Activated Charcoal(discontinued) and PremaTouch Tea Tree bars all in this 1 wonder bar!
  • See below what each Ingredient in this bar does for you!

Help! I am suffering from skin itchiness and skin irritations!

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PremaTouch Oatmeal and Tea Tree Soap
PremaTouch Oatmeal and Tea Tree Soap

Are you suffering from skin itchiness, acne or skin irritations?

Wondering why more pimples are popping out lately? Or perhaps you know someone, a family member or friend who is experiencing such problems? Yes, it’s the haze. You might be wondering…what? The Haze? Yes blame it on the haze again?

Well, let me explain (and see the info on the right). I have a very sensitive nose and well sensitive skin too. When the PSI goes up, my nose acts up and yup, my skin as well. My skin gets itchy and irritated after returning from outdoors. And I have long suspected it’s the haze!
Well, you might not have sensitive skin but you know what, our skin BREATHES! That means with HAZE in our region, our skin is exposed to more haze particles of dust and carcinogenic particles and breathing them IN through tiny holes on our skin called PORES!When pores get clogged, we can get outbreak of pimples, develop an itch or can even break out in a rash. It’s worse for those with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin, their condition flares up!(1)
The Soap Haven is introducing NEW ALL NATURAL Oatmeal & Tea Tree Soap by Prema Touch! Use this 2 in 1 perfect combination to wash the HAZE particles AWAY and yet leave your skin to feel moisturised and naturally protected through nature’s goodness!
Discover the secret to great skin and health with PremaTouch Oatmeal and Tea Tree Soap!
Did you know?
With every Prema Touch product you BUY, you PROVIDE sustainability to the livelihood of ladies rescued from abuse and trafficking! To find out more about the impact of PremaTouch go to

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