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Natural Skincare | The Soap Haven Singapore

We’re all about natural skincare that’s great for all skin types.

We also provide natural solutions and treatment for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dry, Itchy & Sensitive Skin!


Treatment for Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis

We scoured the world in search of a cure for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. What we discovered was life-changing…

Many of our customers have gone through the frustrating experience of seeing skin doctors, skin specialists, the National Skin Centre Singapore; tried steroids, Cetaphil, Physiogel, etc.

Nothing really helped…until they found a simple remedy in our natural soap and skincare

Best Sellers for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea & Sensitive Skin!

Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey Soap Bar from The Soap Haven Singapore

Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey (“OSOH”)

This amazing soap bar is the culmination of 4 years of research, and combines the best ingredients for eczema and psoriasis treatment. Made from premium USDA Organic certified ingredients, with added shea butter for extra moisturising, and a touch of rosemary to enhance the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.  It’s also aprrox. 25% bigger than our other bars at a great price!

Buy Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt Soap with Shea Butter from The Soap Haven

Himalayan Salt & Sea Salt Soap with Shea Butter (“HSS”)

TCM in Singapore recommends swimming in the sea as a treatment for eczema due to the properties of salt water. Now you can get into the pink of health with the double benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt with each shower! Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 different types of minerals and trace elements needed for our bodily health. Combine that with Shea Butter and you get what we have nicknamed the “Wonder Bar”! It’s also great as a facial wash for all skin types! It’s hard not to fall in love with this one.

The Soap Haven | Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey

Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap (“GMOH”)

This goat milk soap with oatmeal & honey is the bar that started it all and is our signature bar. With the powers of fresh goat milk in each bar, gluten-free oats and raw honey, it is no wonder that many of our customers rave about how it has helped treat their eczema! Rated as our #1 Best Seller, this bar sells out super fast with every handmade batch.


Customer Reviews from Eczema Sufferers

I’ve been suffering from eczema ever since the birth of my 3rd baby. It was so bad, I cried many times especially when I had to bathe or wash my hands. Am lucky to chance upon this brand of soap and I must say it is my life saviour!

Azy Kassim
Thank you for giving me back my sanity your soap works and healed my eczema!
Marina Azman
Amazing service 🙂 amazing soaps 🙂 Every time I purchase from them it’s more then 3 bars! That shows how much I love it! This soap saved my skin. I had horrible eczema and my skin was always itchy and dry. After using their soaps, no more itchiness, and my skin is now more moisturized! Thank you.
Joyce Yang
I was really desperate to get the soap as I had seen many doctors and dermatologists and tried all kinds of prescribed steroids to doctor’s recommended Physiogel and Cetaphil but to NO avail! They were all useless! For the past 2 months since I started using The Soap Haven’s goat milk oatmeal honey soap to shower and wash my hands, I am recovering from eczema and had not a single incident of eczema flare up. I didn’t even need to moisturise my skin. I am so happy!

Natural & Organic Handmade Soap Singapore

We’re passionate about providing natural, organic handmade soap and skincare in Singapore!

We also believe it is important to inform you about the potential health risks associated with using commercial skincare versus the benefits of healthy natural and organic handmade soap.

Do you know the ingredients in your soap?

At The Soap Haven, we are dedicated to providing you with natural skincare solutions for great skin and health. Our skincare products are suitable for all skin types and also effectively promotes natural healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne & other skin issues! Made with natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients, our products are formulated with absolutely free from sulfates, parabens. phtalates or questionable synthetic chemicals found in most commercial skincare products.

Our products are perfect for normal skin types. You’ll be amazed to find how using natural soap is so much better for your face, body and hands compared to even far more expensive branded skin care products. Some of our customers have told us that our Organic Bergamot Cassia, and Organic African Black Soap, Rose Geranium with Australian Pink Clay, are much better than their expensive facial wash that costs many times more!

If you have Eczema, Psoriasis or Rosacea, you’ll be glad to know that we have countless users including our own family members and friends who have seen vast improvements in their condition. In fact simply switching to a natural soap has been far more effective than treatment from any skin doctor, skin specialist or dermatologist. Helping people with Eczema and Psoriasis is one of our passions.

A big part of our mission is to educate people about natural ingredients that have a proven track record in naturally treating eczema and psoriasis, and providing all-natural soap in Singapore as a simple, safe, and effective solution.

At The Soap Haven, we only sell products that are used by our own families and our team. Buying from The Soap Haven means you are using soap that you and your family can safely trust.

Our products are made from nature’s best ingredients – each bar uniquely and wonderfully handmade from non-GMO, organic and all-natural ingredients to bring you quality with affordability.

As a leading online brand in Singapore, we have been featured in T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore, Daily Vanity, and Facebook Global Causes Day. Having launched successfully on Amazon USA, we continue to seek global opportunities to reach the growing and increasingly discerning consumer market.

We invite you to join us on the mission to #saveyourskin!

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