The Soap Haven began when our Founders — husband and wife team, Jason and Karen — were on a mission to save their daughter’s skin. This is their story.



A bleak beginning

“My daughter had extremely dry skin on her legs; they looked like they were covered scales or dry mud. Besides flaking and itching, they would occasionally bleed. We tried everything, including Cetaphil and QV, as well as recommendations from doctors and friends. Nothing helped. I’m sure many of you have been in the same heartbreaking position, either for yourself or a loved one.

Then, while on holiday in New Zealand, we encountered handmade soap. We spent three days at a farmstay where guests were pampered with locally handmade soap — her skin was so much better even in the cold, dry winter climate! Alas, upon returning to Singapore, we had to settle for the usual commercial washes. It was back to square one.


Things start looking up

That set me on a journey to learn more about commercial cleansers and handmade natural soaps. The discoveries were shocking and eye-opening! Having learnt the truth, and after using natural soaps successfully with my own family, we started The Soap Haven. Our current favourite for my daughter’s extremely dry skin is the Himalayan Salt Soap with Shea Butter. For years she had to coat her herself with cream or lotion, but since using this soap, her skin is much better and she doesn’t even need to use lotion most days!


Jason & Family

One haven, two missions


We started The Soap Haven with two missions.

Firstly, to bring awareness of the massive misinformation perpetuated by the commercial skincare industry. Those bottles masquerading as body wash and facial cleansers on our store shelves are detergents — big bad chemical wolves — disguised with misleading advertising. Up to 90% of commercial liquid soaps and shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful to our hormonal system! We’re here to provide you with real information about skincare.

Secondly, to create natural or organic soap and skincare products that will cleanse and care for your skin while nourishing and rejuvenating it.


The closest thing to an eczema cure.

Having found out that 21% of Singaporeans, mostly children, suffer from eczema, The Soap Haven’s first goal was to provide an effective natural treatment for eczema. That’s how we came to create our best-selling Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap. Our first batch was tested on a family friend who came back shocked that her eczema was reduced by 80%, less than a week after switching from Cetaphil. It was the closest thing to an eczema cure!

A natural soap case study

“In 2015, my wife was working with a needle and accidentally pierced her thumb pretty deeply. There was not much bleeding and there was no pain, so she left it alone. A few weeks later, she started developing Eczema (at the time, she didn’t know it was Eczema contact dermatitis), but only on that thumb. She thought it was bacterial infection and tried treating it with homemade remedies and essential oils.

After two relapses with bubbles and bleeding on the thumb, she decided to get a diagnosis from the doctor. The doctor didn’t say it was eczema and could not give a diagnosis of the symptoms, and gave some steroidal cream (Combiderm) to help the inflammation. After third flare up, she was recommended to different doctor, who also was also unable to give a proper diagnosis and resorted to another steroidal cream (Neoderm). After using it for two days, it started weeping and bleeding again.

My wife did a lot of research online on the condition and realised they were symptoms of eczema. She discarded all steroid creams decided to use what our customers rave about — Oatmeal Honey (Goat Milk) Soap. After a few days, the thumb got better. After one week, the skin was almost healed. 

To prevent flare ups, she also applied our body balm (unscented). She applied it as often as needed to moisturise the skin, as well as before touching anything dusty or raw foods (body balm is 100% natural and is non-toxic) or when household cleaning is needed. The balm helped to prevent any flare ups and she has been Eczema-free since started using the balm for the past years now!”Jason