COVID-19 or Coronavirus Updates and Your Soap Needs

Apr 04, 2020

COVID-19 or not,

BUY YOUR SOAP & SKINCARE NEEDS at OUR ONLINE STORES and we will have them delivered to you straight into your letterbox within 2-3 working days!

However, we advice you to order early,
due to high volume orders during this period, we run out of stock quickly.
Did you know? When you spend $100 nett or more in a single purchase you can get 10% coupon code off for any of your future purchases for the rest of the year and till end of year too!
You don't have to wait for the next promo. :)
Did you know?
Since January we are on FOODPANDA!
IF YOU LIVE OR WORK WITHIN 3 km from our KALLANG WAREHOUSE OFFICE, you can FOODPANDA your urgent soap needs to you within 30 mins!
Doctor warns ingredients in some CHEMICAL anti-bacterial soaps could ‘weaken your immune system’
Dr Diana Gall, of online service Doctor-4-U, says you should watch out for antimicrobial ingredients triclosan and triclocarban when choosing which soap to buy. ‘It’s all very well that people are trying to stockpile antibacterial handwash. But it’s been proven that certain antibacterial and antifungal agents which are added to some products can have adverse effects on the immune system,’
our natural soaps and skincare needs are naturally anti-bacterial and completely PARABEN-FREE, SLS-FREE, & also TRICLOSAN-FREE!

Best anti-bacterial and anti-viral natural soaps

Did you know that Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils are one of the best anti-bacterial and anti-viral natural agents against pathogens and viruses?
❓Did you know that eucalyptus essential oil is known to be nature's best anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent against flu viruses and bacteria and respiratory diseases? Applied correctly it is a decongestant and helps clear sinuses, asthma, & other flu, respiratory problems. The Soap Haven Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap (Great for Flu, Sinus, Itchy Skin, Mild Eczema) $14.90 only!
With our goat milk eucalyptus tea tree soap bar, you can double the protection for yourself, your family and loved ones with not just eucalyptus but tea tree essential oil too that also tops the list against bacteria and viruses! 👋Don't just use hand sanitizers! Nothing is more effective than washing your hands with soap and water. #washhandswithsoapandwater #eucalyptus #teatree 😊With frequent washing, you can avoid harsh anti-bacterial questionable chemicals that might be harmful to your health and drying out your skin (hence exposing to more bacteria and viruses), with this nature’s own anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic soap that's highly moisturising! 😊You will be amazed what studies have shown on the effective anti-viral properties from these 2 essential oils on dealing with bacteria and virus strains such as H1N1, H. influenzae, parainfluenzae, and S. pneumoniae! (Ref:
It’s a natural insect repellent too! 👉Learn More below or Click Button below!
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