Goodbye Eczema! The Soap Haven "Oatmeal and Honey Goat's Milk Bar" is here

Mar 05, 2015

If you are suffering fro eczema or know someone with eczema problems, Share with them the secret to eczema help now! No need for anymore harmful steroids and commercial products with parabens.

“I have developed Eczema over the last couple of months on my hands. I cannot use any soap with alcohol in it, as it dries the sores on top of my hands out. This soap is so natural and even though someone said on the reviews it doesn’t lather well, I have to say, I have no problem with it lathering. If you have sensitive skin or looking for something natural, I truly suggest that you try this soap. Also, the seller is really nice and very communicative. Try this soap, I don’t believe you will go back to regular soap.” – Patrick

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Available Online exclusively here at and also on on Amazon (simply search The Soap Haven on Amazon).

Also available in Hako shop in Bedok Mall (B2-21) near connector into Bedok MRT (SINGAPORE)

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To understand more about the harm that parabens bring to our health, read

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