Nutrition for Your Skin

Sep 25, 2017

Your Skin Needs Nutrition

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs the right nutrition for it to be radiant and healthy? Did you know your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it directly into your blood stream? And almost 80-100% absorption for areas like your underarms and genitalia area?Also "the stratum corneum of premature infants is less effective than that of full-term infants or adults." (Barker et al., 1987; USEPA, 1992) Therefore infants are known to have "sensitive skin"as we commonly term it."The skin barrier can be compromised in a wide variety of ways: physical damage (e.g. burned, shaved skin), chemical damage (e.g. detergents, solvents), occluded skin (e.g. wearing of gloves), increased hydration (e.g. excessive hand washing), and even psychological stress (USEPA, 1992; Choi et al., 2005). It has been shown that even slight damage to the skin achieved by sodium lauryl sulfate may lead to increased percutaneous penetration of chemicals covering a wide range of solubilities (Nielsen, 2005).(WHO pg 115, 116, 117)

With eczema or dermatitis, one will have a broken or damaged skin barrier and therefore permeability and absorption of chemicals and sensitivity will also heightened.Nowadays, with all kinds of skincare in the commercial market, and with many as well with foreign language labels (eg. a deluge of Korean cosmetics and skincare products) many have no list of the ingredients used in the skincare on the labels even though it is required by HSA (Health Science Authorities).

However at The Soap Haven, we are honest and forthright about what is in our soaps, and skincare products, and we list out every ingredient on our labels and you know what ingredients you are "feeding your skin"!

Feed Your Skin

We have heard many who are at a loss with eczema simply just use water to shower! Please note that our water is not enough to moisturise and cleanse the skin! In fact, the reverse is true that using water only will dry out your skin further! Imagine just drinking water and not eating, it is humanly unthinkable, but yet we do that to our skin!

15 minutes after you shower, if the skin is not moisturised with plant oils, the surface of your skin will lose more moisture when the water on the surface of your skin evaporates, drawing with it more moisture from your stratum corneum and leaving your skin dryer than before you showered.

So remember to feed your skin with the right nutrients, not just wash your skin!

Varying your soaps help your skin receive different nutrition for healthy skin

As with food, one should eat a good range and variety of food in order to get the right amount and types of nutrition for a healthy body. So also with skincare, do feed your skin with different nutrition. Our skin can get "bored of eating and drinking" the same kinds of ingredients every single day! Which is why at The Soap Haven, we have a wide variety of soaps and skin care for healthy skin too!

If you have been a regular of The Soap Haven's soaps, do try a variety of our natural soaps which are made with different natural ingredients, even though there is one which is your favourite or one which works well for your skin issues! Yes, alternating different bars of soaps for a healthy nutritious skin! That's why at The Soap Haven, we have a range of different scents, and also different plant oil bases. Even for those with eczema, you can go with all our unscented range.Another way is that you can also place 2-3 different soap bars in our expandable anti-bacterial bamboo charcoal soap pouch as you wish, and lather away to get the best of all the different ingredients from each of the bar.

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