All Organic Soaps & Olive Oil Soaps on Sale Now!

May 16, 2016

All Organic Soaps & Castile Olive Oil Soaps on Sale Now! As low as $12.50 only!

Don't miss this once-off FLASH SALE! Whilst stocks last. For a limited period only. See the bestsellers on our homepage. MORE sale items at Organic Soaps category, Olive Oil Soaps(GMO-Free) category & Olive Oil Soaps (with fragrance,GMO-Free) category. Review by a medical doctor on on our Organic Soaps! "My wife is pregnant and we have been looking to use all organic products during this pregnancy. I saw the soap(Organic Soap with Activated Charcoal) and I thought I'd try it out. I've used charcoal products in the past and have had good results. This product is no different. My skin feels significantly softer after using it and it lathers well. I also tried out the sea salt and Shea butter version(Himalyan Salt Soap) and I would have to say I prefer this one over the charcoal. They're both great but the Shea butter and sea salt version smells absolutely amazing. The product also comes with a nice cute little bag which was a nice added touch.if you're looking for a quality organic soap than this is your guy. Just look at the ingredients. You don't find any crazy chemical names or dyes. Overall I'm very happy with this and will probably be purchasing again" - Doctor Copper, physician in USA Total necessity! By jessical on April 15, 2016 "This soap is life changing. I am not even kidding. I have the most sensitive skin on the planet, and this soap(Organic Soap with Activated Charcoal) has been used by myself and my husband daily without incident. Not only is my skin responding well to the soap but I no longer get red and burning face after a shower with typical face cleansers. It has brought out any impurities which I LOVE! I usually have so many blackheads that I have an issue with and this soap has actually done an amazing job clearing them up. This soap is a must have." The Soap Haven | Aloe Calendula olive oil soap bar Great for rashes, dry, sensitive skin! U.P. $14.90. Now $13.50 only! The Soap Haven Activated Charcoal Organic Soap Bar for detox psoriasis acne pimples Popular! Great for clearing Acne!U.P $15.90 Now $14.90 only! The Soap Haven Singapore Himalayan Salt Soap with sea salt and shea butter - Natural Home Remedy for Eczema Treatment, Psoriasis cure, Acne control, Skin renewal, odor control, hair strengthening Best Seller Himalayan Salt Soap for Eczema, Psoriasis Out of Stock! But Pre-orders available here. U.P$15.90, Sale $14.90 only The Soap Haven Honeydew Melon and Aloe Soap Bar
Honeydew melon with Organic Aloe and moisturising Shea butter. Great Kids Top to toe bar! Sweet and fruity scent for kids to enjoy their shower time! U.P $13.90 Sale $12.50 only!

The Soap Haven Acai Papaya olive oil Soap Bar Beautifully fragrant & highly moisturising Acai Papaya Olive Oil Soap! (U.P$14.90, Sale $12.90 only) The Soap Haven Turmeric Almond soap bar Luxrious Turmeric Almond Bar U.P $14.90 Sale $13.50 only!