2 Step Natural Treatment for Eczema

Feb 18, 2017

Have you tried our 2-step Natural Treatment for Eczema with our Best Sellers?

This by far is the most effective treatment with our customers with eczema:

1) Wash and cleanse with our Eczema Soap Bars

Find out which soap bar suits you best or you may simply alternate them after finishing 1 bar. However if you are a 1st-timer we suggest you go with either of 1st 2.
  • it contains NO goat's milk, but it is Organic ie. it's ingredients are certified organic by USDA and are harvested from pesticide free sources
  • Popular especially with expectant moms and kids with eczema, psoriasis and those who love the organic stuff!
  • Highly moisturising due to Shea Butter!
Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey Buy Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap in Singapore from The Soap Haven
  • Our Best Seller for Eczema Treatment, probably due to the effectiveness of fresh Goat Milk in a bar. Yes 25% fresh goat milk straight from the happy goats at the farm!
  • We use premium Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats and raw honey to make this soap bar oh so good!
Buy Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt Soap with Shea Butter from The Soap Haven
  • This bar is particularly effective for those with hand eczema as a handwash.
  • Highly Moisturising and the 2 types of salt in this bar promotes healing and is naturally anti-bacterial as a body soap
  • 84 elements in the Himalayan Salt promotes health and healing for the body!

2) Moisturise, Protect & Heal with our Organic Body Balm/Lotion Bar (Unscented)

unscented-balm-reg-2-oz 56-7g-compared to 10g travel sized balm Unscented Regular Sized Balm (56.7g) compared to Travel-sized (10g) balm
Among the 3 balms/lotion bars we have, we recommend the Unscented one for those with Eczema, as eczema and scent of any kind no matter how natural might not go well together with such sensitivity
  • For a balm within reach at all times to prevent flare ups, get a travel-sized one at 10g
  • For easier and convenient application to the body, a regular-sized balm is available at approx 57g.
The Soap Haven | Eczema Natural Healing Kit Eczema Healing Bundle at a Special Price of $49.90 only! A healing kit for 1st-timers at The Soap Haven. Now, you can purchase this ALL-IN-ONE Eczema Healing Kit at a special bundle price of S$49.90! U.P of 5 items together costs S$56.50! SAVINGS of S$6.60!