8 Reasons to Switch from Liquid Shampoo to Shampoo Bar

Jul 06, 2022

Jason Tay

8 Reasons to Switch to The Soap Haven Shampoo bar

  1. Unlike many soap/shampoo bars on hair, this bar is a guaranteed NON-STICKY formulation with no need for diluted Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after wash.
  2. NO PARABENS, NO SLS, NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS causing sensitive scalp and scalp issues. SLS is the biggest culprit in many liquid shampoos causing itchiness problems in scalp!
  3. All liquid shampoo contains water/aqua/H20 as the main ingredient! You are not paying for H20(water/aqua) as the main ingredient in our shampoo bar, but great emollients like cocoa butter and organic argan oil!
  4. . A little goes a long way as it lathers extremely well without the use of harmful SLS foam creating agent!
  5. Go Green with our Eco-friendly Shampoo Bar. NO more land fill waste with bottles!
  6. With this bar, one can reduce the washing of hair to once every 2-4 days depending on your activeness. Did you know over-washing your hair can cause dryness and hair loss as well as over-activating your sebum glands to produce oil on your scalp? With this shampoo bar, your hair looks fresh and clean for a few days!
  7. A 105g bar equivalent to about 2-3 bottles of 250ml shampoo or up to about 50-80 washes. (Of cos it is user-dependent!) If you keep it dry after each use in our soap saver pouch or wooden soap dish, then it lasts for a long time!) That means you actually SAVE money!
  8. Our shampoo bar is so conditioning, you will not really need a conditioner at all. That means you actually save money on getting another conditioner.

If you have not yet tried a shampoo bar, now is the time to try it for yourself and get it for your loved ones to try too!