Choosing the Right Soap

Apr 22, 2014

How To Choose The Right Soap

Step 1: Know your body and your skin type

Make sure you know your allergies and bodily reactions to ingredients. Generally if you have taken those food products before and have no bodily reaction, you will be very safe with it as a soap.

Step 2: Check the ingredients of the soap

Look through what's in the soap to ensure there is compatibility with your skin and the soap range. Although goats' milk is highly moisturising, some people take to vegan/plant based (olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil based) soaps better. There are more people with milk allergies than plant base allergies. If you are unsure, try one from each of our natural soap range:

Step 3: Don't choose soap based on looks, color or scent

We shouldn't judge a book by its cover - the same advice applies to soap. Many times people choose soap based on colors and how it looks. The problem is colorful soap and soap with strong fragrances are often the worst, as these properties are usually due to the addition of chemical ingredients. Always choose the soap that is most SUITABLE for your skin. Never choose a soap based on color, looks or even smell.

Step 4: Go for it!

Trust your instincts. Click Shop Now! Or pick from the range above. You'll never know what you're missing till you try!

Travel Tip for Soap Bars:

ALL our HANDMADE soap bars can be cut with a kitchen knife. You can cut them in small pieces according to your needs, cling wrap them for your travels and never have to worry about liquid restrictions for air travels again!

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