Prema Touch Soaps Have Arrived

Nov 10, 2013

We are super happy to make PremaTouch products available in Singapore! Stock is currently extremely limited.

You can also search for PremaTouch soap on Amazon.

About PremaTouch

PremaTouch is a brand of natural handmade products such as aromatherapy soaps & candles, and other gifts items with the objective of bringing light into the darkness by bringing more women out from bondage. ​Human trafficking is a serious problem world wide and we would like to do our part to bring help in the situation. PremaTouch brand products are made by Touch Nature, a social enterprise that helps create employment for women who want to come out of modern slavery. Mother Teresa was once asked why she did not teach people to fish but gave them fishes, her answer was "This job I will leave to the others after me". We can all do our part to answer the call to serve the poor by helping them to fish so that they are able to provide for themselves in a dignified way. Every PremaTouch product you purchase helps provide a job to an under privileged woman who was rescued from slavery and we thank you deeply. Watch this powerful video to see how Touch Nature is changing the lives of women.

PremaTouch Soap by Touch Nature

PremaTouch soaps by Touch Nature are a natural alternative to commercially produced soap products. Instead of synthetic perfumes and chemical ingredients, we use only natural essential oils and pure vegetable oils, sunflower oil, rich in vitamin E to nourish the skin and coconut oil to create the soft, luxurious lather. ​The primary benefit of our handmade process is that we are able to retain all the natural glycerin within the soap. Glycerin is valuable for its intrinsic skin-softening properties because it creates a breathable layer on the skin that attracts moisture. Thus it prevents dryness and cracking of the skin. Our soaps are FREE of SLS, chemical colors, synthetic perfume and animal fats.