No More Eczema! A Customer Review

Sep 29, 2015

Taken from a customer facebook post on TheSoapHaven.saveyourskin facebook page "My personal hand journey,pictures has no filter. Sorry it's gonna be a long post. Not profiting from this post just merely sharing it to all out there as this was my experience and what helped me. Not many people know that I have a skin condition called eczema, it comes by every few years at different parts of my body but none this bad. This year 2015 has got to be the worst that hit me,on my hands. So here's my journey so far: May2015 it started I thot it was a normal rash n used desowen(steroid cream) but didn't go away got worst gradually till the height of my flare up in Aug2015 as u can see from the pics. Was so bad that I couldn't even type properly, kept waking up at night only to realised I've scratched myself while sleeping till it bled out. I even had to take mc, this eczema tormented me night n day. I couldn't even shower or change my baby cus i wouldnt know which of her products I was allergic to.i tried changing her range of products used and bought those eczema range but it didn't help either. This time around it was bad, real bad. I could barely clinch my fists cus it felt so tight as though I was wearing a glove and couldn't take off. I couldn't eat with my hands everything all use spoon or forks. I couldn't wash my hands regularly cus too much water made it worse. I tried everything from Cetaphil lotion n body wash, desowen(steroid cream), neoderm(steroid cream), oatmeal hand soaks, took centrizine to stop itching but don't help. I even had to take sleeping meds just so that I don't scratch myself in my sleep. Those of you who has this condition would understand how frustrating it is. It made me feel down n crappy bout myself . ppl kept telling me to go skin centre I refused cus i knew that I would jus be continuing with steroid creams and pill and wanted to try a natural route to healing instead. The vicious cycle of meds n creams is that my flare up would go away 1week only to return much worse for the next 2-3 weeks.Then in Aug, a sweet colleague of mine who has heard me complain countless times about my skin whom can only sympathize with me came across a shop, Hako at yishun and asked if I wanted to o give this soap a try. I thought why not couldn't hurt I've tried most things already. So i started using the soap on 24th Aug and now less than a month my hands have almost cleared. No more itches no more open wounds no more redness. All thanks to this soap Oatmeal n honey soap (Goat Milk Soap) by thesoaphaven it really works. I've not moisturized my hands ever since I started using the soap. Used neoderm 3 times but that's all. I do take care to the extent of washing dishes, touching detergent,shampooing my hair and even showering my baby in plastic gloves . but it works and helps. Anyone who knows an eczema sufferer or is going thru a flare up Right now, go check out oatmeal n honey. I'm not affiliated to them I don't get any of their profits but their soap really works trust me. Look at my hands,the proof is there..check their fb page or I think. It can be bought at hako yishun Northpoint too. I got mine at hako bedok mall. #mystory #ezcema #hands#flareup #thesoaphaven #oatmealnhoney #thankyou#sanityisback Eczema help with The Soap Haven products available online and these local stores