Sep 02, 2015

What to do with Eczema Just 3 days of use of Oatmeal-honey Goat milk soap! Picture Left: before; Right: after 3 days
CUSTOMER REVIEW: "I had bubbles with liquid and peeling skin condition on thumb for 5 months! Couldn't cook or wash as it noticeably gets worse after doing so. Went to 1st doctor who didn't know what condition it was and was given steroidal cream to apply. Condition got a bit better but relapsed to original bubbly state after 1 week. Went to 2nd doctor and was given a stronger steroid cream. Thumb became wrinkly and dry and skin started peeling and then worsened again with more bubbles forming and bleeding.
Decided to stop sterioid cream and used Oatmeal-honey Goat milk soap in shower and on thumb started smoothening after 1 day and bubbles disappeared after day 2. New skin started forming on day 3!
Thank you The Soap Haven for this amazing soap bar!! It was very difficult for the 5 months I can't use my thumb. Now I can do normal activities of opening a lid, typing on my keyboard with the use of my thumb without worrying anymore that condition will worsen! ! Thank you for this wonderful soap bar it saved my thumb when doctors couldn't and I m glad to be about my normal daily activities! So grateful!"
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