The Soap Haven Natural Skincare on Exhibition Singapore 2016

Sep 13, 2016

The Soap Haven at the Green Living Expo Singapore, 9-11 Sept 2016

We were thrilled to be invited as one of the exhibitors for Green Living Expo at MBS from 9-11 Sept 2016. Finally we have some breather after a long weekend to share with one and all about all that has happened! Here's our adventures at the Green Living Expo for the 3 days:

Championing Health and Wellness for Our Skin and Body & our Environment

The Soap Haven - Green Champion at Green Living Expo Singapore 2016 Leaving our Handprint at the Green Champion Trailblazers Wall of Fame! Did you know that natural skincare helps promote health and wellness for our body and a greener & sustainable environment? At The Soap Haven, we care about what you put on your skin! We’re all about skincare using 100% natural ingredients which are safe for your skin, great for your health and our Earth. We’re passionate about advocating, educating and providing natural remedies for skincare. That’s why our products are 100% free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and other harmful chemicals. Our products are filled with nature’s goodness, that do not harm our ecosystem when washed back into the seas. We also use organic GMO-free ingredients that do not support the palm oil industry that causes haze pollution. Choose skincare that’s environmental-friendly and not tested on animals! Together we can reduce our eco-footprint on our planet through responsible consumption choices and habits. Go green and #saveyourskin at! The Soap Haven Natural SKincare Products Infographics

Natural Products for Skincare Solutions

Goodbye Eczema! Seminar conducted by our co-founder at Green Living Expo Singapore 2016 "Goodbye Eczema!" Seminar conducted at Green Living Expo Singapore 2016 Is there a cure for Eczema? Sadly no. Understanding the causes of Eczema can help you deal with it better. When you see a dermatologist or the National Skin Centre, they will prescribe steroids and chemical cleansers. At the seminar we were looking at various natural ingredients that are in our Eczema treatment or eczema therapy products which can help prevent flare ups and let you heal naturally. The Soap Haven "Go Green and Save Your Skin" Seminar at Green Living Expo Singapore 2016 ! The Soap Haven "Go Green and Save Your Skin" Seminar at Green Living Expo Singapore 2016 ! Why go with a chemical cleanser when you can use a 100% natural soap with pure high grade natural ingredients?

Natural Skincare Solutions for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne!

The Soap Haven Skinhealth Products at Green Living Expo 9-11 Sept 2016 The Soap Haven Skincare and Skin Health Products at Green Living Expo 9-11 Sept 2016 The Soap Haven booth at Green Living Singapore Expo 2016

Natural Skincare Best Sellers

These 100% natural handmade soap bars were a BIG HIT at the exhibition, popular with both men and women alike! Find out why below!

Natural Skincare for Pimples and Acne

The Soap Haven Activated Charcoal Organic Soap detox acne pimples This Organic Activated Charcoal soap bar helps those with oily skin and is a great makeup remover, since activated charcoal helps to cleanse pores deeply and draw dirt and bacteria to the surface. Lather up with this bar chock-full of organic oils and activated charcoal, and with the use of a facial cotton it will help you to cleanse your skin effectively. Helps with acne on face or body too! The Soap Haven Organic Bergamot Cassia Tree Great as a skin toner and balancer, Organic Bergamot Cassia good for combination skin and also oily skin. No wonder the ladies love it! For more benefits of Bergamot essential oil in this organic bar, click here.

Other Natural Skincare Best Sellers

Natural Eczema Treatment Soap Bars

Himalayan Salt Soap Bar is great for eczema treatment and to prevent flare ups. Doubles up as a Shampoo Bar when used together with our Bamboo Charcoal Soap Pouch, creating the natural lather from the simple gentle scrubbing action. This natural olive oil based soap bar is a great bar for men and women who wanted to have a healthy, luxurious bath and great for those with dandruff or unhealthy scalp. Plus it creates voluminous hair which was previously flat and lacking body! With 84 minerals in the pink himalayan salt, this bar is really a wonder-bar!Buy Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt Soap with Shea Butter from The Soap Haven

Our Best-Selling OATMEAL and HONEY soap bars for Eczema Treatment

How to cure Eczema - Treatment for Eczema - Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap for Natural home remedy for eczema Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey Soap Bar for eczema psoriasis from The Soap Haven Singapore Organic Lotion Bar Balm 3 with 3 reviews Popular items include our Premium BODY BALMS/Lotion Bars for eczema healing and all purpose itch relief and protection against Eczema flare ups! We completely SOLD OUT of our 100% Natural Special Essential Oil Blend INSECT REPELLENT and Premium Organic Moisturising Lotion by BareBaby Organics!