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Saponified organic non-GMO soybean oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk, sustainable palm oil, gluten-free oats, raw honey and sea salt.

Goat Milk Soap with Oatmeal & Honey for Eczema Treatment

#1 Best Seller for Eczema Treatment in Singapore

*A Note to our Singapore customers : If out of stock, please backorder to receive priority fulfilment when soaps arrive. Every batch sells out fast. Usually orders with backorders are only mailed out together when batch arrives. If you want your other soaps urgently do order them separately.

Our Oatmeal Honey goat milk soap bar was created specifically as a natural treatment for eczema. It is also fantastic for those who have dry, sensitive skin or anyone who prioritises good nutrition for their skin.

100% All Natural, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free

Many skin problems can be addressed by simply stopping the use of commercial products that are full of harsh chemicals and switching to a REAL natural soap with simple ingredients that are good for your skin.

There is so much crap on the market. Most brand name shower gels and cleansers are really just detergents marketed as skin care products. Do you know that over 20% of people in Singapore suffer from eczema let alone the hundreds of thousands more who have dry, sensitive skin problems?

Something we find even more terrible is the well-known (and also not so well-known) commercial brands that market themselves as soap-free, natural, organic, etc. Just check their ingredients list, they contain a long list of chemicals and simply add 1 or 2 natural ingredients in order to market themselves as natural! Don't be fooled! Just try switching from the detergents you are using to any of our could be in for pleasant surprise!

New to The Soap Haven?

The Soap Haven Singapore Eczema Healing Kit

This all-in-one Eczema healing kit is all you would need to combat eczema and flare-ups! Bundled for your convenience, this is a one-stop purchase, especially if you are first-timer with us. Don’t miss this very special promo bundle price! Save more $10.80! (more than 13% off original price of all individual items put together)

At The Soap Haven, we use 100% natural skincare to help eczema and bring relief and eventual healing for eczema, so you don’t have questionable chemicals triggering your eczema.

Our All-in-One Eczema Healing Kit comprise 5 of our best-selling items:

  • Our #1 Best Seller for Eczema Treatment Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey soap bar (approx. 100g)
  • Our Best-selling Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey soap bar (approx. 130g) as an alternative soap for those who prefer everything organic. (Try 1 bar at a time for a week or so to see which is preferred and more effective. Different folks take to different soap, that’s why we have a variety of soaps with different ingredients in it)
  • Our Best-Selling Premium Lotion Bar/Body Balm (Unscented) travel-sized 10g – apply whenever itchy to soothe itch, and prevent flare ups or right after showering to lock in the moisture on your eczema affected skin
  • Our Premium Natural Daily MOISTURISING CREAM 118ml (which is 100% Natural and using natural preservatives only, and lactobacillus as good bacteria to build up skin immunity and fight bad bacteria on skin) is now included in the kit as it has been reviewed by many customers to be very helpful for their eczema!
  • Travel-light Anti-bacterial Pack of 2 Bamboo Charcoal Foaming Soap Saver Pouches – helps you save your soap and also create lather and foam with a simple rub! Leave soaps in pouch to dry out your soaps after showering, so all the natural goodness of each bar doesn’t waste into a mush.

Note: Because of the special pricing, there is no further discount with coupon codes for bundles and promo.

Benefits of Goat's Milk for Skin

Goat's milk is your skin's best friend because it is super rich in vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers that are absolutely great for skin health!With over 50 nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, E, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and glycerin, your skin will thank you for it! (Find out more at If you are sensitive to goat's milk, you can try the alternative Organic Shea Oatmeal Honey ("OSOH")

Benefits of Oatmeal

We grind premium gluten-free, food-grade Bob's Red Mill Oats into our soap because ground (colloidal) oats is perfect for relief from eczema, psoriasis, dry, flaky or scaly skin and other sensitivities. Why? Oatmeal is a natural, gentle moisturizer and exfoliator with anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe skin. For centuries, colloidal (ground) oats has been used as a treatment for skin conditions, such as rashes, erythema, burns, itch, and eczema. In fact a recent medical study concluded that "colloidal oat extracts exhibit direct anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, which may provide the mechanisms for observed dermatological benefits".*

Honey, Honey, Honey!

Honey moisturises and soothes skin with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. We use only pure raw honey for ultimate skincare goodness.

Benefits of Sea Salt

We add a touch of Sea Salt that is well known for it cleansing, detoxifying, soothing and anti-bacterial, healing properties.


Only the good stuff

At The Soap Haven, we're passionate about chemical-free skincare. Our products are made with natural ingredients chosen by our team of skin enthusiasts. We also prioritize a no-animal-testing, cruelty-free process to save your skin and conscience.

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Browse our collection of common queries. If you still need answers, feel free to contact us for a quick personalised response.

How long does a soap bar last?

Our soap bars last about 40-50 washes and for about four weeks (based on an average person who showers once a day). It all depends on your personal routine, how you store the soap, as well as the size of bar you purchase — obviously, larger ones last longer. Even the amount of natural oils in the soap can affect its lifespan, but three-to-four weeks is a good estimate.

Fun fact — we have a customer who has been using one bar of Tea Tree Soap for her face twice a day, and it has lasted over a year!

How should I store the soap?

Soap don’t really have an expiry date, but how you store them can extend or shorten the “expiry”.

For a bar you’re actively using, we recommend you purchase the Bamboo Charcoal Soap Pouch or our Naturally Anti-Mould Pinewood Soap Dish. This extends the lifespan of your soap by draining water after use and preventing it from becoming slimy and soft in a puddle of water.

You should keep unused bars out of humidity, so we don’t recommend storing them in the bathroom where steam can damage the soap’s integrity. This will prevent moisture getting into the soap so it will last longer — up to one year!

Do you have soaps in liquid form?

No, not at the moment. Liquid soaps require loads of chemical preservatives to give them shelf life. We try to have our soaps in the most natural form — without synthetic chemicals — but we are exploring options in all natural liquid soaps for the future.

Can these soaps be used for babies?

Yes! Our soap bars are very suitable for babies as they are all-natural and chemical-free! For babies, you should opt for are unscented bars with no essential oils. We’ve already handpicked this range for you — see it here.

Are your products halal?

No, they’re not halal certified, but the only animal ingredient used is goat milk. Our soap is all-natural, not animal-tested, contains no artificial chemicals, no petro-chemicals, no synthetic oils, and are made from vegan oils.

  • Our Organic soaps and Olive Oil Based soaps are plant-based and is also made from GMO-Free oils and organic oils.
  • Our Goat Milk range is the only soap with an animal ingredient — 25 % fresh goat’s milk.

You can check the ingredients list for each item on the individual product pages.